Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kindergartner Teacher Lets Students Taste Her Blood

"Parents were appalled after a teacher in Norway brought a vial of her own blood to class and allowed her students to touch and taste it.
The teacher in Sola, off the western coast of Norway, brought a blood sample to class for her students to see. She was terminated last week after authorities learned that she poured the blood on to a plate and let as many as a dozen students taste the blood sample.
"The children asked if they could touch it and she allowed them," head teacher Inger Lise Soemme Andersen told Reuters. "Then they asked 'how do we get it off?' so she put her finger in her mouth and the children followed suit."


Gabriel said...

What?! I think that teacher must be watching too many vampire shows. I'm relieved she didn't mix anything with the blood.

i apologize for my post, David. It was posted by accident. it still needs some changes, but those changes won't invalidate your comment. Will post it when it's done. Thanks

David said...

Oh, no sweat about the post over at your place.

I wonder if that teacher was into some freaky blood magic for real though?