Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bouncing Baby Boy Saved By Mom And Grandma!

"A toddler who jumped on a bed and bounced out a second-story window was saved Friday by his mother, who leaped behind him, caught his foot and lowered him safely to his grandmother who was having a smoke on the porch below, police said.

The mother was just getting out of the shower when she saw the 14-month-old boy, who had been jumping on the bed, trip on a pillow and fly out the half-open window, Police Communications Director Monique Cotton said.
The mother smashed through the window and caught him by a foot as his head bounced on a small roof overhanging the front porch.

The momentum took them both out the window to the porch overhang. The mother was able to lower the baby to the grandmother just as his shoe came off in her hand, police said.
The grandmother heard the breaking glass and was in the right place at the right time to catch the baby before the mother fell into some bushes. She was taken to a hospital for treatment of cuts and a shoulder injury, Cotton said.

"The baby actually did fall," Cotton said. "Grandma caught him and mom fell in the bushes nearby. She's pretty scraped up."

The baby also was taken to the hospital with grandma to be checked out.
"The baby is going to be fine," Cotton said



Gabriel said...

Wow! Those're some great reflexes. Like a cat :) After all the stories of mothers who almost get there kids killed, it's pretty nice to hear a story like this one.

David said...

I am very impressed with the Mom and Grannie! This is one of my favorite stories yet.

Dr. Theda said...

Leggo Spill shuts down Hwy in West Va..... saw it at "3-D Monster"....

David said...

Thanks for the tip Doc. :)