Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rape And Hit Her T-Shirts For Sale

"Amazon is continuing to offer T-shirts advocating domestic violence on its website - after withdrawing tops sloganed "Keep Calm And Rape".
The company withdrew the rape T-shirts - sold by the Solid Gold Bomb company - from its UK site and later pulled tops with the slogan "Keep Calm And Hit Her".
"Hit Her" tops that had remained for sale on some international Amazon sites, including the version in Germany, after the UK ones were pulled were also unavailable for purchase by early evening on Saturday.
The German site had offered the shirt for a price ranging between 16.90 euros and 18.90 euros and were also available to non-resident account holders.
A spokesman for Amazon UK told Sky News that all offensive garments had been pulled and said: "I can confirm that those items are not available for sale."
Other offensive slogans discovered on the UK website - but now withdrawn - included "Keep Calm And Grope On" and "Keep Calm And Grope A Lot".

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Kat said...

O____O There are still a****les in the world making you feel bad about being a woman even if we aren´t in the 1950´s ( or earlier) anymore.... Makes me sick! We are all HUMAN!

David said...

Some people are not human though. Anyone that would rape a person is in my mind a subhuman. These shirts are in really bad taste. :(