Friday, March 29, 2013

Brain Freeze Contest Ends In Tragedy

I have no more information on this - hope she didn't die:

Brain Freeze Contest Ends In Painful Fail - Watch More Funny Videos


Gabriel said...

i'm laughing my head off with some of the comments on the video. some guys can be real asses. haha!
i too hope she's ok, but this was pretty funny.

David said...

I think she is ok also. I think that everyone would of heard about this had she died.

Kat said...

Can one even die by having a massive brain freeze? O_o

David said...

I have heard of people dying from jumping into cold water due to system shock, so I guess that dying from brain freeze wouldn't be out of the question! She didn't die though. :) I found an recent article at The Mail that tells the story about this: