Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Enraged Man Attacks Innocent Cows

"Two cows have been euthanized after authorities allege a Valdese man drove his SUV off Poteat Road Saturday and struck the farm animals with the vehicle and then attacked the creatures with a box cutter knife.

[The man] was discovered by officers with the Burke County Sheriff’s Office on Western Avenue just outside the grounds of the North Carolina Department of Correction, Western Youth Institute.

Burke County Sheriff Steve Whisenant responded to the call himself. 

“In my 35 years of law enforcement, I don’t think I’ve seen a similar incident,” the sheriff said Monday. “I was working any way Saturday and when I got into the car I saw where we had three officers up there and that caught my attention. We had no idea what had happened.
Approaching the suspect, officers reported Lail had wandered on foot to the driveway just outside the local prison, covered in blood and carrying a razor box cutter."

Read all about it HERE 


Gabriel said...

I read the full article trying to look for a reason, but sadly, i couldn't find one. This guy must have been mooing mad. Did his last hamburger give him food poisoning and this was some weird revenge or what?

David said...

Hahaha! There is a sentence buried in their article that "alcohol may have been involved."