Thursday, March 21, 2013

Woman Builds Shrine For Kitten Found In Large Sausage

A woman who found the body of a young kitten inside a sausage she was eating made a small shrine for it in her home and neighbours later came to worship it - after which some won money on the lottery.

Krod Yotchomrang, 52, told reporters that she bought some foot-long sausages from a local market in Satuk district of Buri Ram province, according to a report in Thai Rath.

She said her family really liked the sausages and they were all enjoying their meal.

"I was cutting the third sausage when I noticed what looked like a small cat," Mrs Krod said.

When she looked closer she saw its eyes and nose, and a chunk of cat hair.

"We almost threw up when we realised we were eating the body of a kitten for dinner," she told reporters.

After thinking it through, she set up a small altar in her home, placed the kitten's body on it, burned incense and prayed before it.

Her neighbours, and even people she did not know, began visiting her home to see the shrine, she said.

"Several of them won money on the lottery playing the number 52", her age, she said. The two-digit winning number for the March 16 lottery draw was 52.

Local police said Public Health officials had begun an investigation to find out if the local sausage maker was mixing cat meat with pork, or if it was an isolated incident and the kitten fell into the sausage making machine and contaminated the food.

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Gabriel said...

I'm not sure what's more disturbing. the fact that they almost ate a kitten for dinner or that she would make a shrine for it. Truly disturbing. Poor kitten.

David said...

A lucky dead kitten from a sausage is about as strange as it gets. I guess that it is working for them though.