Monday, March 25, 2013

Man Exposed Friend To Radiation So He Could Be Immortal

A Moscow college teacher, detained for storing radioactive materials, claimed he needed them to make his friend immortal by exposing him to radiation, a police source said on Monday.
Moscow’s police detained at the end of last week a 35-year-old teacher in the western part of the city and discovered six kilograms of radioactive substances and another eight kilograms in his garage, the source said.
The detainee explained that he had a friend who was convinced he could become immortal through exposure to fissionable materials and even visited the zone of the Chernobyl nuclear accident for this purpose. The two collected contaminated items to continue the treatment.



Gabriel said...

Someone's been reading too many superhero comic books. And him being an adult college teacher just makes things weirder...
i don't know if there's still a market for selling radioactive materials, but this immortality stuff sounds like bull-crap.

David said...

"Someone's been reading too many superhero comic books." lol - you got that right. And to think about it a bit, This guy was a professor and should have known. Maybe he had a life insurance policy out on his friend?