Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Elephant Weeps After Being Rescued After 50 Years Of Captivity And Abuse In Spiked Shackles

Raju was most likely taken from his mother at a young age, and over the next five decades was subjected to cruel care while shacked in ropes and chains with spikes that dug into his flesh.

When Raju's rescuers finally gained approval from the Indian courts to confiscate him from his handler last week, they went in at night to avoid too many people, and to protect the elephant from the hot sun.

When rescuers came, Raju's handler reportedly tried to agitate and provoke the elephant into becoming violent in order to scare them away. However, the group stood their ground, saying the situation was "desperate" and Raju needed to be freed. One doctor said it was as if Raju sensed that change was coming, and the elephant began to cry:

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