Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mold Faced Drunk Guy Tries To Get Free Burger King

(In desperate need of a fungicide)
 "An intoxicated Henson, 36, placed an order at the store at 5515 International Drive before 3:20 a.m. Saturday but ran away before getting his food, according to his arrest report. 

The Orlando man pushed BK's door open with such force, it came off the hinges, a police report said.
An officer responding to a vandalism/criminal mischief call found a man later identified as Henson standing in the center lane of International Drive while talking on a cellphone.

As the officer approached, he could overhear Henson saying ' "the police are here" and he had to get off the phone."

Henson ran from the officer, who caught him after a roughly 100-foot chase.

"No force was used to detain Henson and no injuries were sustained by myself or Henson,'' Officer Matthew Davis said in his report."


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