Monday, July 21, 2014

Is The Giant Rubber Ducky Truly Dead And Gone This Time?

I've been following the unlucky odyssey of the Giant Rubber Ducky for about two years now.  It was the victim of an earthquake,  a butt explosion,  and various other forms of demise.  It sounds like it may be gone for good now though:

"Via the BBC:
The 18 metre (50 foot) inflatable duck suddenly collapsed on Tuesday, only 11 days after it had been put on display in the port at Keelung.
Organisers are unsure as to the cause of its demise, but one theory is that it was attacked by eagles.
After a week of heavy rainfall in southwest China, the downtrodden duck (a replacement after the unfortunate exploding incident) took another hit as it dislodged from its 10-ton metal platform and washed away, nowhere to be found. 

Yan Jianxin, a coordinator of the duck exhibit on the Nanming River told the Wall Street Journal, "The duck flopped over and was flushed away really quickly by the torrential flood. It disappeared right in front of me in several seconds."

The Wall Street Journal reports that the wild duck hunt has begun as local radio stations urge citizens, "If you live along the river and see an 18-meter tall big yellow duck, please call 5961027." Description: giant, yellow, is a duck."


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