Thursday, July 31, 2014

Protip! Do not Transport Giraffes Under Low Overpasses


Later on in the article they say that the giraffes were blindfolded.  :(  See more photos and the rest of the article HERE

"According to witnesses one of the giraffes had knocked its head when the truck drove under a bridge.

Rick Allen MD of Tshwana SPCA told News24 that the SPCA was investigating the incident, with the intention of laying charges against those responsible.

Allen said: "The SABS has published a code for wildlife transport, and it would appear that the open transport with the giraffes' head sticking out is not acceptable."

The SPCA has ascertained that Nature Conservation has issued permits for the transport of the animals.

Sapa reported that the other giraffe was taken to a wildlife veterinary clinic."

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