Saturday, July 5, 2014

Man Claims His Dog Drove Him To The Store To Buy Corn

"A 60-year-old man in Oconee, Georgia, was questioned by the cops after they discovered that he locked his dog inside his car on a 99-degree day while running into a store. His excuse? The dog had driven him to the store.

There are a few other pertinent details, like the fact that the dog drove him there to buy some corn, and that the man—Mark Terrell—was allegedly incredibly drunk. The cops found his excuse to be lacking.

Not only was his explanation baffling, it does nothing to answer the initial question, like why his so-called driving dog was roasting alive in the inside of a car that was 123 degrees and reeking of gas fumes from a can left in the back seat.

Terrell got hit with an animal cruelty charge, and his dog was taken by animal control. If you’re looking to adopt a dog that can drive, you know where to look."

Poor dog.  SOURCE

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