Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Little Girls Accidently Served Alcoholic Mimosas At Restaurant


"The DeRoos say their 7-year-old daughter said the orange juice at the restaurant tasted funny, but her mother tried it and figured it was just a different brand, so she told her she could drink it.

It wasn't until they heard people at another table complain that the orange juice tasted like Mimosas, that they realized there was alcohol in the drink.

The waitress apologized and gave the kids milk. The family was still upset when they left because they said managers never came over to their table to apologize. They said when they got home the kids slept all day and appeared hungover on Monday.

The DeRoos tried calling police but said they were told that mistakes happen. Jeremy said it is unacceptable. He wanted an apology from managers and owners of the restaurant and an assurance that steps would be taken so this couldn't happen again. He told us: "That's not good enough for parents having kids, drunk and sleeping all day. It's not fair. These little kids shouldn't have any alcohol period."

Bazil's owner, Danny Daniele, said he was at brunch Sunday, but wasn't told what happened. When he learned about this, he apologized to the DeRoos, sent them an email and offered to refund the cost of their meal."

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What I am really after is a chance to post the drunk baby trashing a restaurant video again.  But this time the COMPLETE video  :)

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