Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Protip! Do Not Pump Air Into Your Colon

Just don't do it,  please.

Two air force personnel have been orally reprimanded after sustaining injuries using base equipment for anal inflation purposes.

The two Japan Air Self Defense Force personnel – a man in his twenties and another man in his late teens – were stationed at Komatsu Air Base in Ishikawa prefecture, when the younger of the two was hospitalised complaining of sharp abdominal pains.

He was hospitalised for a week, it transpiring that the pair had taken turns using the compressors used to inflate the tires of the base’s fire engines and other vehicles to pump air into one another’s anuses.

Both men have been subjected to “severe oral reprimands” for making inappropriate use of base machinery. The rest of the base personnel have also been warned not to do anything similar lest they also suffer horrendous injuries.



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