Thursday, June 6, 2013

Man Gets His Nose Cut Off By Plastic Surgon

<--- That isn't the guy from the story,  but I could not resist posting that photo when it showed up on a photo search.  Poor guy!:

"A New York man living in Tulsa went to get a nose job with a well-established Tulsa plastic surgeon and five years later does not have a nose.

Vishal Thakkar got a divorce and in 2006 he admittedly made a vain decision.

"I decided to do something selfish," said Thakkar, sitting in his attorney's office in South Tulsa.

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina is known across Green County for his plastic surgery. The Oklahoma Medical Board does not show any complaints in his history. He is listed as president of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

"I had the first surgery and suffered some breathing problems, nothing too bad, but it made it hard to exercise and sleep," said Thakkar.

He went back, again and again. Between 2006 and 2007 he had eight surgeries. He then left Tulsa until 2011 and came back for more surgeries. He had several infections. Finally, during a surgery, Thakkar says Cuzalina CUT OFF HIS NOSE.

"He told me that there was an infection in there and since I was on the operating table and unconscious he had to make the decision," said Thakkar.

Before another surgery, Thakkar told FOX23 News he told Cuzalina a nurse and the doctor's office manager, to not take anything from his ears, like cartilage for the surgery he was about to have.

"I woke up with pain behind my ear and I said to the nurses, what part of 'Under no circumstances do not touch my ears, do you not understand?'" said Thakkar."

There is MUCH much more about this AT FOX32

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