Thursday, August 22, 2013

Boy Shoots Kittens With Bow And Arrows Because He Was Bored

Bow and arrow used to kill kittens: In a despicable act by a potential Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer in training, a 17-year-old from East Chicago, Indiana, is facing felony charges after killing neighborhood cats with a bow and arrow and then posing with the mutilated animals for photos.

In his confession to police, the boy told how, during the week of August 4 while waiting for school to go back, he could stand his boredom no more. He took a high-powered compound bow and went to an alley behind his house to hunt his victims for sick pleasure.

He skewered three kittens in total. At least one was shot directly through the head.

His bloodlust still not satisfied, he uploaded photos of his kills to Facebook where one concerned netizen saw them and tipped off Lake County Animal Adoption and Control Center, who informed police. Facebook has already removed the images.

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