Friday, August 9, 2013

Nurse Splits Open Mans Penis By Removing Inflated Catheter

She must have really gave it a good yank!

"A man's penis split open when a Thank You Nurses employee removed a catheter from him before deflating it, the patient claims in court.

     Cruz Ramirez and his wife sued Thank You Nurses Limited in Hidalgo County Court. Cruz Ramirez claims Thank You Nurses was giving him medical care at home while he recovered from surgery.

     "Part of this care involved the removal of a catheter device from his penis," the complaint states. "Defendant's employee negligently failed to properly deflate the device before removal. As a result, when the device was removed from plaintiff's penis, he suffered grave and serious injury.

     "In effect, plaintiff's penis was split open."

Thank you nurses!            SOURCE AND MORE

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