Monday, August 19, 2013

Man Put A Fork In His Penis, Guess What Happened?

"The bizarre incident happened in Canberra when the 70-year-old came to the hospital, saying that he had lodged a fork in. The fork was 10cm long. The medical personnel might not have fallen for a practical joke but, when they did an x-ray, the claim turned out to be true.

 It was reported as 'An Unusual Urethral Foreign Body' in the International Journal of Surgery Case Report of the same name. The cutlery was made of steel and was inserted into the urethra of the man. The man confessed to have attempted the weird act on his own to gratify himself on a purely sexual level.

Interestingly, the doctors could not see the fork from outside. It was only after the x-ray that the 10cm long fork was practically visible. It is definitely a matter of medical introspection how the elderly man was able to lodge the metal body entirely inside his penis."

Read the whole forking thing HERE

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