Thursday, August 8, 2013

Over 2.5 Million People Still Use AOL!?

Remember these?

Which amounts to 52 million dollars of easy revenue each month for these blood suckers:

"AOL released its latest quarterly report on Wednesday, in which it states that 2.583 million Americans pay for some sort of AOL service.

...some of whom get broadband or DSL service through another provider but are under the misguided notion that they have to pay AOL a fee to keep their e-mail address, or simply don’t notice that they are still being debited each month for service they don’t use.

Some AOL users say they have no other option than dial-up, as broadband is not available in their areas. Others stick with dial-up because it’s less expensive than the monthly cost of higher-speed services."

Read it all over at the CONSUMERIST

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