Tuesday, August 13, 2013

***SPLAT!*** City Builds Wall Across Bike Path In Middle Of Night

A man that rides his bike to work every day using the bike path says that a wall appeared overnight on it.  The wall has caused bike riders to pick up their bikes and dangerously carry them over into the bus lane,  not to mention the fact that an inattentive bike rider could slam head first into the wall:

"When questioned by Brazilian media, São Paulo Metro, the agency responsible for maintaining the bike lane, claimed that the wall was built intentionally as part of normal renovations to the existing barrier running parallel to the pathway. That, of course, makes no sense -- so after added public pressure and grumblings over the agency's incompetence, São Paulo Metro released a statement that the wall would be removed.

No apologies for putting cyclists in danger was issued, however, nor was the wall admitted to be a mistake."


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