Friday, August 9, 2013

Vengeful Elephants Attack Villages After One Of Their Family Gets Killed

A train near the village that was attacked ran into and killed one if the herds members about a week ago according to the article.  The elephants gathered around where the elephant was killed and were mourning their dead relative for a few days:

 "...their emotions seem tinged with anger directed at the creatures responsible -- which they appear to understand as humans.

In the days following the accident, the elephants have taken revenge on surrounding villages. Despite efforts to drive the impassioned animals away, the herd is reported to have damaged at least 10 homes in the area, including demolishing part of a schoolhouse.

Eventually, in an effort to restore order, forestry officials called upon a squad of elephant-chasers to drive the herd away using firecrackers. Nevertheless, the mourning elephants have persisted in their efforts to remain at the spot of the train-strike, compelled perhaps by a death ceremony among elephants that remains little-understood."

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