Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ax Throwing Champ Chases Off Burglar

A competitive tomahawk thrower from Hemet, California successfully chased away a home intruder early on Saturday, November 2, after she confronted the man with a hand ax. The sight of weapon sent the would-be thief running from the premises.

Hemet police say Robyn Irvine called 911 around 8.20 a.m. to report she had been awoken by a man attempting to remove a watch from her wrist while she slept.

Irvine told police she let out a sharp scream on awakening to the sight of the intruder just inches from her face. The sound momentarily stunned the man, Irvine says, before she produced a hand ax from under her bed and gave chase.

Irvine told police she discovered another man also in the house and it appears the two had spent some time rifling through her belongings and helping themselves to the contents of her refrigerator.

Don't miss this fine TomoNews animation of the event!

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