Sunday, November 10, 2013

Man Mistakes Liquid Methamphetamine For Health Drink, Dies After Drinking It

"A man has died after drinking a massive overdose of liquid crystal meth after mistaking it for a health drink.

Romano Dias, 55, had been given a bottle of what appeared to be a fruit-based drink by his daughter Katee, who had found it in a package delivered to her home.
After downing about half a glass of the liquid he immediately began to feel ill and died shortly afterwards.

Mr Dias’s partner Debra Dulson said in a statement that he had opened the bottle and found a cork under the cap.

She said he took a mouthful of the drink and had said that it tasted 'awful' before complaining that his throat was burning.

He then said: 'I am in trouble here. I am dying, I am dead.'

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