Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Penis Bush Sculpting Bandit Strikes Again

"There won't be any more shrubs trimmed into phallic symbols in a small plot of land near the Windsor Sculpture Garden.

John Miceli, Windsor's director of parks and facilities, said the city was made aware of the latest prank on Thursday.

"Someone placed the letters 'penis' at that site," said Miceli.

Miceli believes the vandal used garland to make the letters. The city reacted immediately, removing the offending letters, and pulling out nearby shrubs.
Garden used to have shrubs that were twice targeted by vandals
And now the garden has no shrubs. (CBC\Tom Addison)

In October, in two separate incidents, shrubs in the garden plot were turned into phallic shapes by unknown people.

Both times the city moved quickly to re-shape the shrubs, even though they were attracting a lot of attention."

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