Friday, November 8, 2013

The "In A Jam" Sandwich Becomes Popular In The UK Because Everyone Is Broke

Funny factoid:  The Google search for "in a jam sandwich" came up void for suitable web links and images.  Well,  an in a jam sandwich is when you literally take two pieces of bread,  jam them together,  then eat it:

At least they still have electricity to toast things over there:

"The RSC's Dr John Emsley said: "You simply put a piece of dry toast between two slices of bread and butter, with salt and pepper to taste. I've tried it and it's surprisingly nice to eat and quite filling.

"I would emphasise that toast sandwiches are also good at saving you calories as well as money, provided you only have one toast sandwich for lunch and nothing else."

The toast sandwich provides about 330 calories, and consumers could opt for the healthier alternative of margarine instead of butter - an ingredient not available to Mrs Beeton because she was writing her book before it was invented.

"Of course, when we finally emerge from these dark days we will seek something more celebratory from Mrs Beeton's pantheon of rich recipes to welcome back the good times," Dr Emsley added."

Read it all at the BBC NEWS

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