Monday, November 25, 2013

Man Has No Toilet Paper So Calls Police For Help

“I am in the male public bathroom located next to the Oude supermarket in Buzheng Village in Gulin County; the toilet paper is missing in here, and I need the assistance of the police sub-station to send more toilet paper!” These words were reported to the police sub-station in Yingzhou District in the city of Ningbo at 8:23 on the morning of October 29.

Upon receiving the report, the Gulin police sub-station arranged to dispatch officers to the scene. After 20 minutes officers had still not managed to locate the toilet in question, but as there was no further communication from the caller, police thought he had gotten help from someone else. And so it was with surprise that at 8:45 the police sub-station again received a call from this man. This time the man complained, “Why hasn’t the toilet paper been sent over already? My legs are falling asleep!”

No square was to be spared for him.  Read the rest HERE

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