Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Walmart Madness #113! Man Goes To Woman's Bathroom For Naked Morning Masturbation

That's all folks!

"Customer Beth Davis told police that she entered the restroom yesterday morning and found a nude man pleasuring himself in front of the mirror. Davis, who fled the bathroom in search of help, said that she later saw the suspect--now dressed--depart the bathroom and head for the Walmart’s exit.

So the 61-year-old Davis--who told TSG she was “in panic mode”--began filming him with her cell phone, while providing accompanying narration: “My name is Beth Davis and I witnessed it. You were naked and had your pants down around your ankles. Someone stop him. Do not let him go out that door.”

While the man ran from the store, a second shopper photographed his vehicle and its license plate.


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