Saturday, March 1, 2014

Man Hammers A Bullet Into His Leg, Tries To Get Pain Meds

"A man has been charged with falsification after claiming he was shot at a gas station Wednesday.

 “Nobody heard a shot, nobody had seen anything,” Chief Bill Collins said. “When he walked into the store, he was kind of limping. Then he goes out by the car and just falls on the ground.”

Stapleton was transported to Marion General Hospital where he was treated. A high-powered rifle round was removed from his thigh.

Officers discovered evidence that led them to believe the incident might have been staged. They suspect it was done in an effort to obtain pain-killing medication.

Lt. Ed Brown said he and other officers were suspicious of the size of the bullet recovered. He said one of this size would have either exited the skin or broken a bone.

“(This bullet) was more superficially into the skin,” he said.

On Thursday evening, Stapleton was interviewed and confessed to removing the round from its casing with pliers and then using a hammer to insert it into his own leg."


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