Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Walmart Madness #135! Breast Reader Arrested

Sanford police have arrested Zulfikar Jaffer, 52.

Last Thursday police said  Jaffer approached a female in the Walmart parking lot and indicated that he wanted to read her palm, police said. He then proceeded to place his hand down the victim's shirt.

Then, just before noon Monday, a second female contacted the Sanford Police Department to report she was approached by a man who asked to read her palm at an Aldi near the Walmart. The woman said he then followed her into the parking lot, and convinced her to sit in his car and let him read her palm again. That's when the woman said placed his hand down the front of her shirt.

The woman got out and called 911, and when Sanford Police arrived and saw Jaffer's car, they said they recognized it from the incident Thursday and took him into custody.

He was arrested on two counts of battery and was released from the John E. Polk Correctional Facility on bond.

Investigators are concerned that Jaffer has additional victims.

Anyone with information relating to Jaffer is asked to contact the Sanford Police Department at 407-688-5070.


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