Monday, May 5, 2014

Zakk Wylde's Blue Les Paul Guitar Stolen And Pawned For $50.00

(I'm sure he would have given them the axe,  had they asked)

"Black Label Society's Zakk Wylde got some good news over the weekend. His Pelham Blue Bullseye Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar — which was stolen March 14 from his tour bus in Chicago — has been found.

The guitar, which was valued at $10,000, turned up in a Chicago pawn shop called Royal Pawn (on South Clark Street). The store was the setting of truTV’s Hardcore Pawn: Chicago reality TV show."

 "The pawn shop had been alerted about the reported theft right after it took place, said Randy Cohen, who along with his brother Wayne owns the Loop pawn shop that was previously the subject of the Tru TV reality show "Hardcore Pawn: Chicago."

"I forgot about (the alert)," Cohen said. "That happens every day. To be honest, I can't remember (expletive)."

But the seller's information was recorded as part of the transaction, the Cohens said, and the guitar's serial number and description was entered into an online database accessible by law enforcement across the country."

So,  they asked for ID from the guy that pawned it,  didn't they?

Read more about it  HERE and HERE

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