Friday, May 2, 2014

Skin Cells Turned Into Human Sperm

Someone will soon be able to get a skin flake or a hair from you and make a baby you don't even know about!  :P

(Didn't get my good side though)

"In a published in the journal Cell Reports, Pera and her colleagues describe what they did. They took skin cells from infertile men and manipulated them in the laboratory to become induced pluripotent stem cells, which are very similar to human embryonic stem cells. That means they have the ability to become virtually any cell in the body.

They then inserted the cells into the testes of mice, where they became very immature human sperm cells, the researchers report.

"It's much easier than we actually expected," Pera told Shots.

 "So it is not impossible in the future that a movie star may find some of his hair follicles purloined and then on the market as donor sperm," Green says. "You can imagine some clandestine sperm bank saying, 'We're selling George Clooney's sperm.' "

That's not all, Green says. Posthumous reproduction "becomes a possibility," he says, which would mean that "people who are dead or long dead — so long as there is a live tissue sample somewhere being preserved — could be the parents of children." This might appeal, for instance, to the family of a man who died in a war, Green says."

Listen to the radio report and more over at NPR

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