Thursday, May 8, 2014

Drug Mule Sentenced To 3 Years Of Prison On His 90th Birthday

(Happy birthday)

A 90-year-old Indiana man, who admitted serving as a cocaine courier for a Mexican drug cartel was sentenced on Wednesday to three years in federal prison. Leo Sharp, a decorated World War Two combat veteran, was also sentenced to three years supervised release by Judge Nancy Edmunds in US District Court in Detroit. After sentencing, Sharp turned to prosecutors and called the term a "death sentence." Sharp was pulled over by police in October 2011 for erratic driving on an interstate highway in Michigan with what turned out to be 104 bricks of cocaine in his truck. He pleaded guilty last October to one count of conspiring to distribute cocaine in an agreement with prosecutors that included a recommendation for a prison sentence of five years. Sharp's plea agreement and reduced charge allowed him to avoid a mandatory 10-year minimum sentence. He agreed to forfeit two properties in Florida and $500,000 cash, but not his home and farm in Michigan City, Indiana. Report by Sarah Kerr:

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