Friday, May 23, 2014

Need A Job? Panda Cuddlers Wanted!

There are plenty of sought after jobs that will see recruiters flooded with applications, but it is suspected that this one could be the most popular one yet.

China’s Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre is now recruiting for caretakers whose primary duties will be to hang out with Panda cubs and love and cuddle them.

The ‘Panda Nannies’ will earn 200,000 Yuan a year, which is equivalent to just under £20,000, and will also receive benefits such as free meals and transit and accommodation, according to ChinaDaily reports.

The organisers said: “Your work has only one mission, spending 365 days with the Pandas and sharing in their joys and sorrows.”

The Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre is accepting applications from now until July 15. Criteria for applicants include a minimum age of 22 and a basic knowledge of Pandas.


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