Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Man In Gorilla Suit Shot With Tranquilizer Dart

"Don't trank me bro!"

"A veterinarian at Loro Parque, a zoo and marine park in Tenerife Spain with a disturbing history of animal welfare violations, shot another park employee who was dressed up in a gorilla costume with a tranquilizer. The keeper who was shot was was participating in a practice drill to simulate the escape of a captive gorilla from one of the enclosures.

The employee was running around the park mimicking an escaped gorilla when the veterinarian spied him and, apparently uninformed about the drill, shot him in the leg with a tranquilizer dose meant to take down a 400-pound gorilla. The employee had an allergic reaction to the dose and was taken to University Hospital of the Canary Islands, where he is in serious condition."

Read it all over at THE DODO

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