Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Walmart Madness #139! Man Goes Into Walmart Swinging Baseball Bat - Hits Random Girl On Head

"The video shows Mosley walking through the store with an aluminum baseball bat prior to the attack. Rogers was checking out the DVDs when Mosley treated her head like a game of tee-ball.

Mosley then dropped the bat and exited the store. He walked to his cousin’s home where he told the woman, Janaia Wright, that he’d been in some sort of an altercation at Walmart.

Wright then gave Mosley a ride to his home on the 3200 block of South 62nd Street. On her way home, Wright grew concerned after noticing emergency vehicles outside the Walmart on Rogers Avenue. She stopped by the local fire department and told a dispatcher that her cousin may have been responsible for the trouble and the store.

A photo of her cousin was similar to that of the suspect in the surveillance camera. Police went to Mosley's home and arrested him on charges of second-degree battery. He told police he went to school with Rogers, then he said it was gang-related, then he said he saw it in a movie and wanted to try.

Mosley’s relatives said that he has mental issues. He has pleaded not guilty and faces up to six years behind bars if convicted."

Watch uncensored video here:

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