Saturday, June 14, 2014

Walmart Madness #138! Cross-dressing Burglar Steals 18 TVs

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Police have identified the cross-dressing burglar and his accomplice who allegedly stole 18 TVs from WalMart over nearly a month period.

James William May, the cross dresser, and Andre Deshawn Williams, 23, stole the TVs through the roof of the gardening center in burglaries at store, 1239 State Road 436, from April 12 to May 19. Although the store is open 24 hours, the gardening center is closed at night.

They managed to climb up shelving, hoist up the TVs and slip them through fabric panels that acted as the ceiling in the gardening center, police said in a report.

In all, they took 18 TVs and one desktop computer with a total value of about $10,000.

Anyone with information on the duo's whereabouts is asked to call Casselberry Police Sgt. Chris Pamatian at 407-262-7616 ext. 1005.


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