Monday, June 16, 2014

Mother Poisons Her Daughter To Get Facebook Likes

An Australian woman was jailed Wednesday after poisoning her daughter and posting photos of her recovery to Facebook.

The 23-year-old woman pleaded guilty to "grievous bodily harm" for poisoning her (then-healthy) daughter for nine months by feeding her chemotherapy drugs and chronicling her "fight for life" on the social network. Prosecutors accused the mother of seeking attention by posting the photos.

The chemotherapy drugs caused the child, who did not have cancer, to suffer a life-threatening bone marrow failure, requiring a bone marrow transplant, AFP reports. The girl is now in the care of her grandparents, and her mother has been sentenced to six years in jail.



Laury Coenen said...

Guess who's back... Glad to see you're still posting wonderfully weird news!

Laury Coenen said...
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David said...

Yaaaaaay! Glad to see you back, have been a bit worried! Yeah, I've kept on going here as you can see. It's still just a labor of love, lol. It will be getting a bit slower as work heats up this time of year, but that's normal. Nice to see you around - hope you get back to Echo!