Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pet Poop Painter Plagiarized


"An artist has been spraypainting dog droppings on Bushwick sidewalks gold for nearly a year and a copycat vandal has now begun making her or his own mark on neighborhood dung. The competitor’s intentions are murky, but the message of the original is right under viewers’ noses, said the graffitist, who goes by the moniker Gold Poo.

“It is a commentary,” he said. “I am saying, ‘We are all attracted to shiny things, but nine times out of 10, it is all s--- underneath.’ ”

The tagger has been at it for nine months and says an impostor hit the scene last week, only instead of blasting the excreta with aerosol, the mystery rival is coating it in gold glitter. Poo wants the world to know he is not responsible for the supposed latest form of guerilla gilding.

“Glitter is not my thing,” he said. “I am strictly spraypaint.”

The painter said he is not upset about the purported emulation, though."


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