Friday, June 27, 2014

Protip! When At A Job Interview Do Not Strip Off Your Clothes And Sing "It's Raining Men"

Unless you are interviewing for a strip-tease job of course...

"Mr Mirza decided the Full Monty-style strip would help set him apart from other candidates when he applied for a job with NBS Recruitment in Crawley High Street.

The seductive taking off of his top and the enthusiastic rendition of the song sadly didn't result in a role with the company.

He did at least receive a letter congratulating him on his "disco-diva performance."

It read: "Thanks again for coming for an interview with myself. It was interesting to meet with you.
"Whereas we loved your karaoke version of It's Raining Men we feel the striptease was a little unnecessary.

"Thanks again for your time and I suggest moving forward you seek medical attention before attending other interviews."


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