Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Leopard Seals Try To Help Weak Photographer By Feeding Him Penguins For Four Days

 (They look somewhat like that Neverending Story dragon)

"Not only did the leopard seals not attack as some predicted they would, they fed me penguins, followed me around, and generally put on a nonstop show."

In the video above, Nicklen explained how an encounter with one particular female leopard seal was especially poignant. The animal had a head larger than a grizzly bear's, and it took his camera and his head into its mouth.

But instead of harming him, the seal began to "nurture" him. It began to bring him penguins, first alive, then dead, perhaps assuming that he was a "useless predator in her ocean."

The top predator apparently tried to feed the weaker Nicklen for four days as he scuba dived in the area, working on the assignment."

Watch the video  HERE

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