Thursday, September 18, 2014

Man Tries To Give Severed Human Head To Neighbor. Neighbor Doesn't Want It.

A Memphis man is behind bars tonight after he allegedly attempted to dispose of a human head by placing it in a bag of scrap metal and giving it to his neighbor.

Michael Wilson Jr. was giving a neighbor some scrap metal to get it off his hands, and suddenly a severed human head fell out of one of the bags. The friend, Lacedric Ruffin, was horrified at the sight and called the cops after Wilson, who is schizophrenic according to other neighbors, pleaded with Ruffin to keep him it a secret, telling him he actually didn’t mean to kill the guy.

 Cops also reportedly found severed hands, a decomposed leg, and the corpse inside Wilson’s home.

Wilson is charged with second-degree murder and abuse of a corpse, and is currently behind bars on $2 million bond.

See the video HERE

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