Sunday, September 28, 2014

Man Pays Past Due Fine With Casino Winnings Just As Police Were About To Arrest Him

According to ABC, on Thursday, police in Germany said that they were in the Western city of Bochum, where they were doing routine checks at an arcade. They said they found a man there, playing a slot machine, and he had an arrest warrant.

The warrant was issued because of a previous incident the man had with police. In that incident, police say that the man was resisting them. Police informed the man that he had two options. They told him he could pay his fine, which was around $900, or he could be arrested and face 71 days in jail. The man didn't have enough money on him to pay the fine, but he continued playing the slot machine while the cops were talking to him. In the middle of the conversation, the slot machine started to flash and make sounds, indicating that the man had won a jackpot. The man ended up winning around $1,300 in cash. The 37-year-old was able to pay his fine on the spot, and he used the cash that he had just won. He was not arrested.

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