Monday, September 29, 2014

The Great Vermont Pumpkin - 1,649 Pounds Of Great Pumpkin

A Jericho farmer has broken the record for the state's largest pumpkin.

The Vermont Giant Pumpkin Growers' Association Annual Giant Pumpkin Weigh off took place at Sam Mazza's Farm stand in Colchester Sunday. Richard Squires mixed a little TLC with his giant pumpkin seeds to grow a pumpkin weighing in at 1,649 pounds. The previous state record was 1,556 pounds.

"It started as a hobby about five years ago and has grown.  And you get kind of obsessed with it and want to do it a little bigger every year, so this is probably as big as I'm ever going to get," Squires said.

His wife will be carving the pumpkins for Halloween and then donating the seeds to be used to grow more giant pumpkins. But he will not be making any pumpkin pies. The record-setting fruit is 75 percent hollow.

Watch video HERE

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