Monday, October 6, 2014

Lonely? Need A Hug? Then Get The New "Tranquility Chair!"

(It's not creepy at all!)

"There are times in everyone’s life when only a hug will do. Now one Japanese company has come up with a chair that’s always ready to give a comforting cuddle.

The “tranquility chair” is built in the shape of a larger-than-life fabric doll with a friendly face and a fetching hat, but more importantly, it has long arms that wrap around the user in an affectionate embrace.

“It makes you feel safe. Anyone can use it, but it is designed for older people,” said a spokesman for UniCare, which is selling the chair, at the International Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition in Tokyo.

Around a quarter of Japan’s population is over the age of 65, a figure expected to rise to 40 percent in the coming decades.

The chair is priced at ¥46,000 ($419) and there is also a version adapted for wheelchair users."


And while you are at it,  get a lap pillow to comfort you on those lonely nights full of tears of rejection!

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