Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Caturday Report! Timmy The Vampire Cat Had A Hard Time Finding A Human

(Not Timmy,  I just loved the photo ;))

Timmy, a nine-year-old black cat, has an enormous pair of front teeth which stick out of his mouth like a vampire.

The nine-year-old moggy was taken into the Blue Cross rehoming centre in Lewknor, Oxfordshire, around three months ago. 

There were fears he might never find a home because of his bloodthirsty look, with most cats finding owners within a month. 

But 'affectionate' and 'loving' Timmy has finally been taken in by cat-lover Ann Drummond.

She said: 'We saw him on the Blue Cross website and thought he looked and sounded great.
'His fangs didn’t put us off at all - he’s the sweetest, friendliest cat.

'Our previous cat had one fang so he reminded us of her. Timmy’s such a character and we love him to bits.' 

Black cats are notoriously difficult to rehome thanks to myths and superstition that they bring bad luck.

Timmy was facing the prospect of a lonely existence, having been returned to Blue Cross at no fault of his own on four separate occasions.

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