Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Caturday Report! Cat Serial Killer Still On The Loose. 160 Cats Now Missing

Sorry for the sad Caturday Report,  but this has been going on for a while and I want to help raise awareness of it at least a bit.

"Some of the animals have returned alive but with 'torture' injuries and one had to be put down as it was hurt so badly."

“Most pet owners in Ipswich are so scared that they don’t want to let their cats outside.

“Personally, I’m very worried, not just about where they are going but what’s happening to them.
“I believe someone is harming them and whoever is doing this needs to get some psychiatric help.”


Information from the Ipswich Missing Cats FaceBook page:

"Is there a serial cat killer psycho loose in Ipswich?

So far, there have been reported cases of cat poisoning, suspected cases of animal cruelty against cats and a high number of cats reported missing. However, a definite cause has not been found. While there clearly is something bad happening to the cats in Ipswich, there is absolutely no evidence of a single serial cat killer. Do not post theories. This is not a group for amateur private detectives – we are collecting information about missing and harmed cats to assist the police in any investigations and to reunite lost cats with their owners. Any person in the group posting unfounded theories will be immediately banned. No exceptions."

"There are also reports of cats going missing in the nearby town of Stowmarket.

Louise Catchpole, 30, was devastated when her two four-month-old kittens disappeared on Sunday.
Rupert, a male tabby, returned home the following evening limping, terrified, with burnt whiskers and faeces on his body.

He had had bruises to his body where he appeared to have been kicked. Her second cat, a ginger and white called Nigella, was found on Wednesday and Louise suspects she was also taken but managed to escape unharmed.

She said: “I am so relieved to have the cats back but they are both very nervous now. I am not letting them out of my sight at the moment."

More information can be found at the IRISH MIRROR


jackmarie said...

Well I am totally unaware about “The Cat” as serial killers on the loose. This is very good report based on the Cats. I am really very curious to have additional information regarding this matter on this blog. Please share it soon.

David said...

Well, I am a member of the Ipswich Missing Cats FaceBook page, so if anyone is caught I will post it as soon as I hear.

Dr. Theda said...

Ipswich..... is a bit of a "cursed" area....
also the location of this country's Last Witch Trial"....