Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Police Hunt For Transvestite And Poop Smeared Partner

Dutch police are searching for two suspects who robbed a jeweler in the Belgian town, Hoogstraten in Antwerp province earlier this year. The two robbers have rather explicit, and unusual descriptions identified by police working in Brabant.

Police say the first suspect is a dark-skinned man dressed in woman’s clothing. The second robber is a white man who smelled of animal feces, broadcaster Omroep Brabant said. According to the police the smell was so strong that the jeweler’s daughter nearly vomited from the stench.

Hoogstraten sits just 25 kilometers south of the Dutch city Breda. In September, the 62-year-old jeweler was attacked by the two armed men, who screamed out to her daughter after she was threatened with a pistol. The daughter tried to get the gun out of the suspect’s hand when she was beaten by the duo.

The police are working under an assumption that these were Dutch robbers as the white man spoke Dutch, not Flemish, and was carrying an Albert Heijn bag. They also drove a blue Audi A3 with license plates that were reported stolen in the Netherlands in 2013.

Police are investigating a possible connection between the Belgian robbery and a home invasion in Eindhoven on October 2 where a 54-year-old resident was injured. The incident happened around 3:30 p.m. on Merwedestraat, when two offenders jumped a fence, broke into the home and assaulted the woman.

She was painting at the time, and the suspects are said to have been covered in white paint by the time they fled the scene in their small, dark-coloured Ford.


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