Friday, October 3, 2014

Man Quits Job To Roll A Giant Testical Across America

(This dude has a lot of ball)

Thomas Cantley, 31, survived testicular cancer, sold his house and left his job to push a six-foot replica testicle from Santa Monica to New York.

His journey is being catalogued in a series of Instagram photos under the name "mr.ballsy."

Cantley's trek has so far taken him 1,680 miles from LA to Texas, according to KENS 5. His goal is to fill the giant ball with messages from people he meets.

He recently rolled through Austin, where he was seen pushing the giant ball across the Anne W. Richards Congress Bridge.

Other pictures have him visiting a number of other famous locations along the way.

Cantley's website claims the trip is being funded by the "generosity of the people he meets along the way, whether they have a personal connection with cancer or simply believe in his cause."

The cancer survivor is currently in New Orleans, according to his Twitter.

He plans to be in New York within the next couple of weeks.

Will he take the bridge or the tunnel? Follow him to find out.


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