Sunday, September 30, 2012

Angry Owls Attack!

Some suburban joggers have recently reported seeing and being attacked by owls, WTOP reports.
  • Laurie Cantillo said she felt a "scraping sensation" on the right side of her head while jogging off Grubb Road in Silver Spring. After shooing the bird away, she did an online search for what she saw and believes it might have been a barred owl.
  • Peter Grace told the Washington Post that he was attacked by a large owl earlier this month along Glen Cove Parkway in Bethesda. He was attacked again the following day and said the bird swooped down on his head three times with its talons.
  • Stuart Kern said an owl came at him "just like a nature program," the Post reported. He was in northwest DC, but he lives in Silver Spring. 
A biologist with DC's department of the environment told WTOP the owls may have mistaken the people's hair for small animals or perhaps felt threatened when one of the joggers moved too close to it.



Dr. Theda said...

As a small child while walking the trail from the Park the the Nature Museum ..Suddenly I hear people yelling warnings at me... I look up to see this Large owl swooping down at me talons open ..coming right for my face ...I dropped to the ground and the owl slammed into the grill of the parked Jeep behind of me...
( They were apparently working with the bird... ) They all came rushing down to where I lay on the ground terrified... They completely ignored me ..their Only concern was the bird which was now hiding beneath the Jeep squawking at them.... So an injured child was no where near as important as that bird...

David said...

I've had a few spooky moments with big ass barn owls when I was a kid, nothing like that though! What a bunch of asses.

Dr. Theda said...

I do Not know how I did the "lay out" of my post ..but thank you for the compliment on my "random" post Good Sir