Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Walmart Madness #48! Clerk Rips Up Womans Money

They ripped up two of her hundred dollar bills!

'The cashier proceeded to rip the $100 bill in half without performing any counterfeit detection tests. The metallic strip in the $100 bill was clearly visible.'
After marking the bill with the detection pen, revealing a yellowish colour across it, Ms Garcia said she explained to the cashier of that colour meaning it was legitimate, having previously worked in retail herself.

The employee proceeded to call a manager over who identified himself as Russell. At this time Ms Garcia said she took out a second $100 bill, which according to her, was immediately taken and ripped up as well by the man.

Detained at the front of the store while told the police had been called, Ms Garcia claims that adding to her humiliation, the employees told curious customers in passing that she was busted trying to use fake money.
After two hours at the front, police arrived around 4.15am and proceeded to inspect the bills in question.
Following a series of tests the first responding officer, identified as Officer Edwards, returned to Ms Garcia telling her that what the Walmart employee and manager had done was a 'terrible mistake.’
'He then approached the manager, who appeared upset by what he was told by Officer Edwards,' according to the complaint.
‘After speaking with Officer Edwards, Manager Russell approached Plaintiff and sarcastically stated that the police officers said the money was not counterfeit, though he disagreed.

‘At this time, he attempted to hand Plaintiff the two torn $100 bills he had misappropriated from her.

Read the whole story HERE


Gabriel said...

oh brother. i winder how many wallmart stores would we need to burn down in order to make them go bankrupt?

David said...

It wouldn't work. They are hellspawn and would just regenerate the stores from insurance money.